Empi Active™ provides advanced, drug-free technology designed to target the
most challenging low back or knee pain while minimizing the dependence on pain medication.

Man Manages Chronic Pain, Now Fights for Others

AKRON, Ohio, Oct. 17, 2011 — As accidents go, it didn’t appear to be life-changing. Finish Carpenter Bob Harris of Akron, Ohio, severely injured his knee when his foot was stuck in a scaffolding bucket on a work site. That was over 11 years ago when he was 40.

It began a series of events that almost defy reality. Since that day he has undergone 16 surgeries, including two total knee replacements and two total hip replacements, has seen twenty different doctors, and is left a 52-year-old man who fights debilitating pain. He hasn’t worked regularly in nearly eight years.

But don’t think Bob Harris is taking this lying down. He is continuing to fight to get better.


The Next Generation in Electrotherapy

For over 30 years Empi, a DJO company, has been committed to developing pain management products that promote patient recovery and wellness. We know you’re also committed to providing valuable and effective pain treatments that lead to positive patient outcomes.

The Empi Active™ is a next generation, non-narcotic, adjunctive electrotherapy treatment that empowers your patients to take
control of their pain.

Non-pharmaceutical pain control arrow Reduces dependency on pain medications
Easy to prescribe and self-fit application saves valuable time for you and your staff arrow Easy to use with one-touch to quickly relieve pain
Advanced, fast-acting, non-systemic pain control arrow Effective pain relief
Safe, simple pain control without the risks and costs associated with pharmaceuticals arrow Satisfied patient that can enjoy an active and productive lifestyle
Healthcare Professional
NOW INTRODUCING: Active Knee now available to help relieve general knee pain in a simple, portable device.
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